How to say on Monday in Spanish

Why can you not say in Spanish “En el lunes voy al cine”? How on Earth to express the idea of “on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc?” Don’t look any further, here’s the explanation!

I know that most of you already know the days of the week in Spanish, however it’s always good to refresh your memory. Here we go!

Spanish English
Lunes Monday
Martes Tuesday
Miércoles Wednesday
Jueves Thursday
Viernes Friday
Sábado Saturday
Domingo Sunday

There are three important things that you should know about the days of the week in Spanish:

  1. In Spanish the name of the days starts with lower case. This is why we write “el lunes” instead of “el Lunes”.

  2. The days of the week in Spanish are always masculine which means that we use with them the article el.

  3. This magic “el” replaces in Spanish the English preposition “on”. This is why the correct way to say “on Monday” will be el lunes, never en el lunes

To help you to memorize this rule I have prepared for you another table with some exemplary phrases:

Days of the week in Spanish – examples of phrases

Phrase in Spanish English translation
El lunes voy al cine On Monday I’m going to the cinema
El martes tengo mi clase de inglés On Tuesday I´ve got my English class
El miércoles tengo que estudiar para un examen que tengo el jueves On Wednesday I have to study for an exam that I have on Thursday
El viernes quedo con mis amigos On Friday I´m meeting my friends
El sábado voy a dormir hasta tarde On Saturday I´m going to have a lie-in
El domingo llamaré a mi amiga On Sunday I will call my friend

Alternatively, in some cases, when you want to describe a specific day, you can use the form este + the day of the week. Este means “this”. This will remove the famous article “el”.

Similar rules apply to phrases in past tenses. We can use the form “el + day of the week + pasado” (last + day of the week) or “aquel + day of the week” (that + day of the week)

Phrase in Spanish English translation
El lunes pasado fui al dentista Last Monday I went to the dentist
Aquel martes pasaron muchas cosas Many things happened that Tuesday

However, while using future tenses, we have to keep the “el” article

Phrase in Spanish English translation
El lunes que viene, El próximo lunes Next Monday Future

How to talk about weekends in Spanish

Similar rules apply to words “semana” (week) and “fin de semana” (weekend). The following constructions are possible:

Phrase in Spanish English translation
Esta semana This week
La semana que viene Next week
La semana pasada Last week
Aquella semana That week
Este fin de semana This weekend
El fin de semana que viene Next weekend
El fin de semana pasado Last weekend
Aquel fin de semana That weekend
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