Spanish idioms and expressions

Refranes, frases hechas, modismos – The Spanish language is full of expressions with their own metaphorical sense. Unfortunately, there are not so many blogs for Spanish learners where you can find extended information about idiomatic expressions. And that's what my website is for. Knowing that there is a shortage of Spanish idioms lists, I have created this section where I will publish the most useful Spanish idioms and expressions.

Some of them are similar to their English equivalents, others sound completely weird, especially literally translated. Besides there are also many expressions which are not considered idioms but which are still important and interesting.

When should I start learning Spanish idioms?

Obviously, you don't have to know every single idiom from the beginning of your adventure with the Spanish language, they actually start appearing with more frequency at intermediate and advanced levels. You shouldn't ignore them though. Why? The reason is simple: if you decide to live in a Spanish speaking country, very soon it will turn out that idioms are as important as the regular vocabulary. Without them you may find it difficult to understand a Spaniard.

Let's take a look at the dialogue below:

  • Al enterarme de lo que hizo Carlos me quedé a cuadros...
  • ¡Y yo! La verdad es que el tío se pasó tres pueblos
  • Claro, tanto hablar de si hay que hacer piña y al final, fíjate, nos ha dejado en la estacada
  • Ya te digo... pero vamos, a cada cerdo le llega su San Martín

If you've got everything – that's just perfect! Congratulations! If not, just follow this section where you'll discover a myriad of Spanish idioms with explanations and translations in English. And remember “no te duermas sobre los laureles”.

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