Spanish grammar

Any blog intended to teach Spanish can't exist without the grammar section. Why? Because the grammar is the key component if you want to express yourself in a correct way not only in Spanish, but in every language in the world. However, many people have this love-hate relationship with the Spanish grammar. On the one hand they know it's important, on the other, they would do anything to avoid it.

Why does Spanish grammar seem to be so difficult?

Why do many people hate Spanish grammar? In my opinion the main difficulty related to this is based on the differences between our native language and the one we are learning. While learning a new language, unconsciously we are comparing new structures with those that we already know. If something is similar, we assimilate it fast, the problem starts with elements that don't exist in our native language and inversely.

While speaking a new language we often copy grammar structures from our native language. However this source of linguistic problems and errors is more than natural and nobody should be worried about it. Thanks to well explained grammar issues and proper exercises focused on differences between Spanish and English you can avoid the so called macaronic language.

This website is about learning how to love Spanish grammar

As a teacher and Spanish specialist I see how many people struggle with Spanish grammar, and for this reason I have decided to incorporate to my website Spanish grammar tips that will allow you to really understand how it works. And once you know it, your perception of grammar will change!

Do you want to fall in love with Spanish grammar? Let's go! The unique rule you have to follow is to never give up, no se ganó Zamora en una hora!, remember?

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